My pseudo morbids

3:53 PM

I painted two mini paintings the other day because I wasn't feeling exactly the greatest.

As evident from the pictures shown, cute thoughts were definitely not generated in my head. Pseudo morbidity, I think? I am not a person of the morbid, just feeling a little out of the ordinary and in a bad way definitely.
This is a mini "self portrait". Jo says it does not resemble me in the very least way (perhaps just the shirt ha). But what's there not to resemble? The round bloated face, black ugly spectacles, screwed hair and forlorn frown. It's me alright! On a bad bad day at least hah.
Here's the listing on it on etsy.

"No noise". She just wants to block everything out, for just a tiny minute.
Here's the listing on etsy.

Today seems to be a much better day. Shall go paint something funnae first before studying heh heh! Have a good week everyone!

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