11:41 PM

Well well well,

I haven't been blogging much on this blog for the longest time.
I think I shall start! So people can know more about gewwy and beans (heh) and get to see all the "bloopers" and behind the scenes for gewwybeans!
Alright, enought nonsense.

I made two doggie-related (yet again!) pouches this week!

(well, man's best friend too but my dog told me to put girl so I obliged haha!)

Well, I made a couple of pouches beforehand to "get the hang of it" and FINALLY really succeeded, the 4th or 5th time, to sew a perfect one without any hanging thread, retarded looking zippers and ugly inner linings. Trust me, my mom's not very pleased with the state of my room now. I'm so glad she did not throw her old sewing machine away!
It's rather vintage I must say, older than me (I'm 22, so .. ).

Here it is! The sewing machine I use for sewing the tote bags and pouches.
I'm currently in the midst of thinking of a new design for my tote bag and pouch. I can't help but want to do yet another doggie-related design, but I think I should try out something new.

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