Congratulations Holland!

4:41 PM

Have you been watching the World Cup?

I lagged behind for certain days because staying up still 2.30am can get really tough sometimes. Oh wait, scratch that, I CAN stay up till 2.30 (way past 5!) and it's because I'm hooked on again! Xj and I just LOVE handmade stuff. I can't seem to get enough of it!
Anyway, there are 3 new items in gewwybeans!

Remember (okay maybe you don't, haha!) when gewwybeans first started out and there were only handpainted badges?
Yup! One of my favorites was pizzahat!

Here's Pizzahat!
xj got a pizza hat and well, as you can see, from her expression, she felt a little bewildered when she wore it. She didn't know they had hats for dogs. Oh well, silly dog.

So anyway, Pizza hat got sold to a nice lady some some time back!
But guess what! We have got the PIZZA HAT RING now! :D

They are made from adjustable antique bronze rings and sealed off with transparent cabachon glasses! Sweet and cute, perfect for days when you wanna just feel doggish and pizza-ish! :D
I wore it today!

Here's its listing! - pizza hat!

Next! We have got Moley and "Touch my mustache" tote bags MADE into T-shirts!
Well, to be specific, we got Moley and Mr Mustache PRINTED onto T-shirts!
Here, my sister poses for them :)

I decided to just have them made in a freesized size because I'm still not certain if it's going to be popular enough to have them printed into different sizes. Hmm, what do you think?

Here are their listings! - Moley Tee!

Ah! It's getting so late!
Ghana versus Paraguay later, who's gonna watch! xj isn't! :(

ps: it's really 3rd of July now but I don't know why blogger is being weird. :(

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