Terri's back from Switzerland!!!

12:54 AM

My friend, Terri, flew away to Bern for the longest time (6 months!) and she finally flew back to lil Singapore on Friday! We had a pretty good meet up today, with everyone else (except xinyi who flew away to Australia haha). No pictures of Mr yf because.. well, I think he's trying to be exclusive?

Playing strategy games is always a good way to kickstart a boring Monday!

How amazing time flies..
It has been 4 years since we met in junior college! Well, I'm not missing the school, but the times we had, definitely yes. Remember how we pretty much missed 98% of PW classes? haha

Gewwybeans handmade a bag for yueying!
She loved to roll her eyes (I wonder if she still does!), so here's a special bag just for her!

ps: the last photo is just to show how much fatter I'm going to get with the delicious chocolates Terri brought back from Switzerland. Heh heh.

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