A couple of new ideas in my head

12:18 AM

But I'm too lazy to put them into doodles and craftwork. Sigh!

I promised my dog I would come up with something new real soon. Okay, yes, I shall. I SHALL!

Ooh! And congratulations to Karen and Chun Xiang on getting married! :)
I'm sure they will be one of the most blessed and loveliest couples around.

Anyway here are some random photos to share :D Pardon the photos, I haven't been very diligent in taking good ones. (poo)

Meet my "unnecessary" buy of the week!
I wanted something nice to go along with the packaging of gewwybeans so I contemplated for a whole 5 seconds and decided to get the polka-dotted tapes. Well, at least they are cute right!

Photo showing my glorious completion of 5 rushed (ruSHED RUSHED) tote bags.
Dog was observing me but then she fell asleep.

Guess what? I ran out of wrapping paper so I decided to sew one for my (and sister's) wedding gift to Karen and Chun Xiang. I took a picture because i put in quite a lot of effort for it! I just can't believe I forgot all about buying wrapping paper.

There is absolutely nothing nice at home too, unless you count grammatically wrong love messages and cheesy looking creatures on wrapping papers to be acceptable :/

Tada! Loopsided stitches!
Oh! I'm really excited because I bought a Japanese book on sewing clothes!
Hope it motivates me to revise (AND RE-LEARN) 日本語!

Oh, and my forkin' keys have arrived! :D

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  1. THAT'S MY FAVORITE CLOTH! (albeit that i hate birds)


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