The stray dogs at Tuas

2:52 PM

I went to my dad's factory/office the other day to print some stuff and I saw new doggies! :)

They are all stray dogs but at least the dogs around this area of Tuas are well cared (enough) by the factory people.

I saw this little girl first! She has the prettiest prettiest face!!! :)
(okay sorry xj!)

Here's her peeking at me!

Her brother (or dad?) stretching, and my foot (hah).
He's wearing a collar, well, because sometimes the people from the other factories "take care" of them.. But they don't bring them home which is a sad thing I feel. :(

Meet the mumsie!

Hullo I'm a cutesy dog

Their makeshift little home and food I left outside for them!

Aww, how I wish I could bring her home!

She has really REALLY soft fur. :)

I think I'll go back and visit them soon!

Have a great week! Only 2 more days to SATURDAY! :D

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  1. what cute dogs! My heart breaks when I see strays, if I could take them all in, I would! glad to see you fed them & they are taken care of for the most part :)

  2. Hi Stephanie! Yeah, I get really sad when I see stray dogs too, I want to just save them all and kiss them and feed them and everything! But that's just not very possible. :(
    Still, let's continue to help them by doing whatever we can! (like donating to the SPCA, for me haha).

    Have a great day!


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