These are a few of my favourite things

12:12 AM

Hi there!
Here are a "FEW" of my favourite things. :)

Mostly from Etsy thanks for their "favouriting" option!!!

Celebrating Winter Solstice by Krisblues

Walk In The Rain by Heidiburton

Shopaholic charm bracelet by Ratgirl

Laundry Day porcelain egg cup by heidiburton

Three Animal Hats by donnA mcKenzie

Vintage sky blue striped sailor dress by The Tailor's Stories

Tiny Daschund Brooch by DawnTanWenYi

Small Coffee and Tea Pot Salt and Pepper Shakers by magiebelle

i'm sew into you by ktolve

HIRAGANA stamps! by lemontree77

Family Portrait by Elizabeth Pawle

UP UP AND AWAY HEDGIE by trafalgarssquare

I LOVE putting up my feet against the car dashboard when my dad drives. :)

I LOVE to kiss my doggie's forehead.

This, is rather lame - I don't know why but I just LOVE rilakkuma so much! He's just so adorable and is like me in many ways.. Mainly the love of eating and sleeping. :D

Oh and I love fleui fleui and くくも!

What an.. unproductive post!


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  1. What a clean, crisp and charming list. I especially love the sailor dress!

  2. Thank you! :) I really like the sailor dress too! It's such a darling blue!


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