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I just thought I could share with you one of my favourite shops from Etsy!
Mogu Arts shop by Mogu Takahashi!
I really love her super quirky and funny illustrations plus the fact that she adds in cute little Japanese words here and there just makes me love them even more!
I saw that she has NEW items! (Where have I been?) Just realized I have been ending all sentences with exclamation marks (except for this).

Hadukashii zine :)

Filled with 32 pages of drawings, I can't wait to see what's in it!

Tomodachi postcard. It means "friends" in Japanese.
I think it's super cute hehe I especially like the doggies!

Funny guys pin badges. Guess which is the "hohoho cat" :D

An original ceramic dish made by Mogu herself! It was exhibited in the gallery, Kou, in Tokyo. Wished they had such cute galleries in Singapore.

"who are you?" :D
I have two of this! hehehe

Have a great week!

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