My new Olivetti!

12:06 AM


So yesterday I got a call from the people at Yashii Trading about 2 available vintage typewriters! (learn more about Yashii Trading from sarah's loft!) Vanessa actually brought me there about 1.5 months ago to look for a typewriter but unfortunately there wasn't any! So I put my name down and voila! (hehe) now I've got one!

Meet the olivetti studio 46! He had another Olympia typewriter which was, very very much cheaper. But I just couldn't resist the blue colour the Olivetti has! It is my favourite colour afterall. :) Initially I was a little apprehensive about getting a typewriter since dad has one at the office already. BUT, firstly, it's different having your own typewriter, secondly, his is an electronic typewriter and you don't get the same vintage-y vibe from it and Thirdly, well, i guess I just really wanted one? :(

Aye, but such a good buy!

I hope it'll work for a long long long time.

My mom's so cute! I came home and read this on the typewriter hahaha! :)

Ooh! Isn't this the cutest? I recently purchased a print from Gemma Correll and she included this super adorable Bonjour postcard! (I'm going to paste this on my wall!)
Here's her etsy shop! I'm looking at it now hehe.

It's 12.24am now so Mr Rira says おやすみ!でも..アイスクリームたべたいよ。。

Have a good week (it's gonna be the weekend AGAIN!!!)
But I am such a busy bee this week, I just feel like slacking and snacking.

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