7:23 PM


So I had a little stall at a secluded little sad corner at the National Art Gallery yesterday haha.
But it wasn't so bad especially since it was gewwybeans' first time out! Met a lot of nice people (and not so nice people) and thank you Andrea, Vanessa (and family sans dog) for coming!!! Made my day :D

I'm a little relieved though, because I finally got to sleep after the many days of sewing like mad for the flea! I slept the WHOLE day today. Serious. I woke up at 12pm, had lunch, then went back to sleep and only woke up at 7 plus (officially missing my class). Frankly, I still feel tired even as I'm typing this. I guess I'll have an early night haha!

Here are erm, 2 pictures to share! I was a little too tired so didn't really take much pictures. :(

Ooh! Here is my Gemma Correll bag (that she specially made for me!!!) I love it so so so much I'm going to carry it everywhere with me! :D

Have a lovely lovely week everyone! :)

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