11:21 PM

So I had a flea with Sarah today and it wasn't too bad! At least the crowd was better than the one at the National Art Gallery. :) Sarah sold really cute handmade hand bracelets!! I find that the people at etsy are really different from the people you meet at fleas. Being in an actual physical stall is a 360 deg change as compared to selling online. I guess sometimes you just inevitably hear the soft murmurs of criticisms. : / I heard one girl telling her friend that my illustrations on a bag was "hen chou" (very ugly). And I got a couple of distasteful looks for my moley totebag. (But you know how Moley is very subjective when it comes to opinions).
All I can tell myself is to just do what I like and continue drawing my doggie inspired stuff and not be so bothered by it! Afterall not everyone likes mcr even though I love them to bits!!!

Anyway kinokuniya is having a "summer sale" (hmm?) so hurry go buy books!!! They have a 10% discount on stationaries if you're a member! I'm peeved I bought my planner before the sale. :(

So, my dog says hullo! Thanks to the people who dropped by sarah's loft and gewwybeans today!
(yanting! Joey! Joanne! Vanessie!)
I really feel like having ice cream.

p.s: I know I'm so very longwinded and irrelevant but I feel like blogging about Australia again because I miss my friend Ros. :(

Bye bye!

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