Few of my favourite things :D

5:01 PM

Hullo there!

Once again, the boredom bug bit me and I went around etsy scouring for good buys.
Well, I have many favourites, but it's not an appropriate month for me to spend much money so I have to keep many of the items "in view".
And aww, just saw the puppies at my dad's factory area and they are just so super adorable! Even the puppies who have grown up already. Aww Aww Aww, just love dogs!
I'm also very excited because I have TWO new designs (one totebag and one pouch) for gewwybeans' flea on the 27th November at Scape!!!
And hopefully, Christmas postcards as well :D

Okay, here are my favourites for this month :)

Darling Vintage - vintage plaid ruffle tunic

Spinthread - French Cubes

Heatherfuture - Triangle Beard

The dootdootstore - Yellow Cutout Sun Dress

Have a great Tuesday!
(posting doggie pics up soon yay!)

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