New items update! :)

11:20 PM


Here are some new items in gewwybeans!
Some of you might have seen them already, that's because I made them specially for my fleas! But anyhow, they're now available in my etsy shop. :)))

Xiaojia was Mr moustache for Halloween, she thought she was really cool so she's still wearing the moustache now. She keeps getting mistaken for a boy, but she's just really a girl. :D What a weird little dog!

I never knew that hamsters could dance. Well, that was before I saw the "xiao" siblings. They were apparently born with a flair for dancing. So I made little skirts and pants for them to dance. They like to dance to Justin Bieber. :)

Meet little Supi! She's Riana's best doggie friend and she absolutely loves to rub her butt on the ground after a good poop! Her favourite friends are cats. :D

The shop is also updated with new and better pictures! Thanks to Sarah for helping me with the pouch pictures too, I think they look so much better! :)
Here are some "behind the scenes" photos to share :D

Blurry pic of a slice of super yummy handmade cake by Sarah. :D

These are all the bags we have in gewwybeans! :)

Alright, that's all for now!
I've been feeling sick-ish for the past few days so I think I should have an early night!
Have a fantastic new week everyone! :))

p.s: Gewwybeans is having a flea again, on the 27th Nov at Scape! :)

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