8:27 PM

So, my dad got a Nikon D90 for himself. But that didn't stop me from trying the camera out. :D I must say, it really is a lethal combination together with the Nikkor 35mm lens! I have never tried lenses with such a big aperture! It's really amazing how the pictures turn out (with such a shallow depth of field!). Ah, I'm such a noob, getting excited about something that has been around for the longest time. Now I really know why they say the D60 is a beginner's camera. Here are some random photos I snapped, just trying the camera out. :)

Meet the stray doggies near my dad's office! (The one on the left is still a puppy)
Do pardon the little girl (right); she was nibbling on a piece of treat (ashton's)! haha

my dad took this! haha

A customized order for Eryn! :)

(I took this in total darkness!! )
The D90's ISO range is incredible. Really, I mean as compared to the D60's limited 200,400,800,etc, D90 has got like lots of in "betweens" and such a detailed ISO level!

Alright, I've got an exam tomorrow, wish me luck!!!

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