xiaojia 101

12:17 PM

I realized I have never formally introduced xiaojia (xj) to everyone before.

Meet xj, the other boss of gewwybeans. She's the brain behind all designs so if you like gewwybeans, you can give her a pat on her back. :D
Despite being a boss at a tender young age (2 more months to 6!), she is still very much scared of many things like laundry baskets, vacuum cleaners and even a fake magic wand. Still, she likes to venture into toilets and shoes and retrieve smelly things that are in fact too smelly to mention here. :> Her favourite toy is her ball, and occasionally little toys that are handed accidentally to her by my mom.
ANYWAY, she has been rather busy and that explains the lack of updates at gewwybeans. :( However we are trying to come up with a new totebag design by the end of this month! So do check by gewwybeans often!
Also, we are moving close to having a 100 sales! (yayy!) so xj and I will be making little presents and send them together with our gewwybeans items as we count down to number 100!
Shall update pictures of the "little presents" when we are done. :)

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