Rainy Taipei day 2

12:46 AM

Gonna make this fast because I wanna sleep!

So, it rained the whole day :( And we went to 3 places but it felt like a million places. It was just cold cold cold.

Introducing the temporary home!
It's called Jing Zhan serviced apartments. :)

My favourite "room"!
It's so japanese isn't it!

all the space for don't know what, really.

Had some brekkie then we went to JIU FEN (up the cold mountain)

stray beagle. :(((

Going for the nun look

Had a "hot springs" bath which was not very well liked. :[

shih lin Market!

Pot of hot melted cheese!

Alright, we will have our last full day in Taipei tomorrow then it's back to xj land!


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  1. Taiwan looks like so so so much fun! Nice photos too (:

  2. I love taipei!! drink bubble tea everyday!

  3. Hi renathe, goodnight! :)

    Andrea: thankyou!! It's really cold and rainy though :(

    Franky: hullo! Yeah I have been having so


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