rainy taipei day 3

1:04 AM


It's still raining non-stop. :( But oh well I guess it doesnt matter anymore since we're going back tomorrow. (hello xj!!!) I can't believe I'm blogging this everyday, if only I can do this for my studies.

So we had ding tai fung for lunch today and it was okay. :)

Train "tickets!"

Rainy XI MEN DING. :(

One thing I like about Taipei is its many many Japanese-like as well as unique vintage-y shops! Not to mention cafes and little bakeries as well. :> I wish Singapore were as interesting..

Taiwan Street Fashion which is not really my cup of tea
(But sigh, they have lots of "japanese" clothing shops though, which I like!!!)

Lookie!!! Totoros!

Guess what I saw at Taipei's Eslite bookstore!

I think we are all tired of the cold cold weather and rain. But I'm glad we managed to go on a trip as a family this time round, because it really does bring us closer together! (even though my mom's millionth toilet trip made me sigh.. haha)

Can't wait to kiss my puppy!

Goodnight! :)

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  1. Are those cakes shaped like bears? They are so cute.

  2. They are donuts! :D
    From this bakery called Mister Donuts. Not sure if they have that in the states!


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