Another Sweet Treasury :>

9:35 PM


Sorry I have been really busy lately. :( And worse, my nose keeps on threatening to die on me with its incessant inner swellings and ... you know what, I shan't gross you out with my nose woes. :]
Anyway, one of our pouches (our first ever pouch actually!) got featured in this sweet treasury by consentiodes. It's so xj (doggie!) because she is really of sweet.., okay not the sweetest but still, sweet innocence. :D

Here are a few of my favourite items from this treasury!

So cuttteee!
I can make them into brooches and pin them on my cardigan or totebag. Should I?!


I really REALLY like this too, because it's so country-like! You know, my future bedroom is going to resemble something that comes out of a country furniture catalog. At least I promise myself that! haha

In the meanwhile, I really REALLY need to pull myself up and do some justice to gewwybeans and stop acting.. I mean stop being a sloth.

Wish me luck!

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