Happy lunar new year!!

3:12 PM

Hullo hullo!!
How is your Chinese new year coming along? I haven't been getting many ang pows (heh) but it's okay, really. Met my cousin's dog, dumpling (I know haha) who is a completely changed dog! He used to be so utterly naughty and would nibble and bite people he wasn't familiar with (me). But now, he is such a cutie pile of fur! Like a baby boy :D
Not to mention my cousin's baby boy (real human bean of course), jayden! Or shoichi :) can you imagine a little boy of almost 3 fully equipped with the knowledge of three languages? So adorable!! But guess what, I'm tired. Haha, I guess I'm not much of a social butterfly, I need my sloth time. I swear to do up a new pouch by this week!!!
Here are some phone photos to share. Sorry for the crappiness of this entry, blame the phone!!!

Happy rabbit year!!!

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