Things I made!

6:14 PM

As the blog title suggests, this is a series of photos of things that I made. Haha. I initially wanted to take pictures of the "making process" but always forget to do so. :/

Here are some "handmade" photos to share! Support HANDMADE! :D

Moustache tee for sookyee!
(she's a BIG harry potter fan, hehe all the better. I like her shop a lot! google acciocrafts. :>)

A little pouch for Mado-san. I kept trying to make it less feminine as possible, but in the end, it still turned out to be rather girly, no?

A little bag for my friend vanessie! :D
Who loves ah wang (hong kong show) haha!

This is my first attempt at making a "waterproof" pouch.
I bought plastic (think table cloth plastic) and added it onto the fabric when I sewed. It wasn't easy at all!!! I almost died when I had to flip the pouch outside in. Rarh. But I guess it turned out okay? At least its new owner likes it! Hehehe :D

Tadaa! Toiletries bag or multi-purpose bag?

I hope everyone's having a good weekend. It's a bit sad that Monday's coming so soon, but well, this means that a brand new weekend will be knocking on our doors REALLY soon too!

Have fun! :D

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