Hullo Jaeger and Anna!

12:59 AM

Hello hello. It's officially 1:01AM now and I'm rather pleased because I'm finally done with my easter cards!
I will get them printed tomorrow (or should I say, today hah) and put them up on etsy! Super excited because I haven't had new items up for a rather long time. I'm also rather excited for Easter because that would mean no school on that day! Though, not so sure about work. :( With my increasing school workload, I'm starting to doubt whether I have the time to commit to my part time job. Oh well.

ANYWAY, I wanted to share with you a special doggie, all the way from Staten Island! :)
His lovely owner is Anna, who wanted to have a pouch to remind her of handsome Jaeger because she has to leave him with a friend due to certain reasons. However I'm positive their friendship will not falter because we all know that dogs are a girl's best friend (and vice versa!).

Here's Jaeger! :D

Chilling on the rug. :>

hello Jaeger!

This is the final product!
It wasn't too hard to do because it was highly inspired from the original "dog is a girl's best friend" illustration. I do hope that Anna (and Jaeger) will like it! Sometimes I wish xj had a longer tail haha.

Sent out 6 packages on Monday!
1 of which was to Greece and that made me super jealous because I really want to go Greece. :(

Sneak Peek of my Easter illustrations!
Really hope people will like them.

Alright, have a great week ahead!!!

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