Monday Blue

1:35 PM

Hello hello!
How has your week been? I had a really tough week, with exams, work and lots of exam related binge eating. :( I'm just really glad that it's over. BUT, a new module at school is gonna start next week (sigh) plus an important meeting with a school personnel. I feel this year is gonna be a tough one! But then again, I had quite a couple of sales this month for gewwybeans and that can be my blessing in disguise. :) Gonna upload a few pics when I get home because I forgot to being my thumbdrive for work which is a good thing too because I will end up cleaning the whole shop hah hah.

So, b and I went out for a walk a few days back and decided to try Fika out. Fika is this quaint little cosy Swedish cafe/restaurant at Beach road. I only managed to sneak a pic with my phone. I tried their Meatball Melt Sandwish and I must say it was really yummy! It tastes more homemade than Ikea's which says a lot. Though the service there is not exactly up to standard, we still had a pretty nice time. :>

I saw this Japanese cotten linen fabric on etsy. I think lots of fun things can be made out of this, don't you think! :D

Alright, back to doing nothing, hah hah. :(

I hope everyone is having a much better week!

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