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So, yesterday I restocked my pouches at Cat Socrates. I sewed 19 pouches and I almost died. But I guess it's all worth it because it means that more gewwybeans creations will be displayed at the store. :) It has been doing not too bad! Sold at least 7 pieces and I was still quite worried that I might not even sell one. Thank you to all who have purchased a pouch of gewwybeans' at cat socrates!
Whilst sewing the pouches, I decided to snap pictures so that I can show how I make the pouches! At least a little bit here and there. :]

Freshly printed illustrations on callico cloth!
They're all laser printed in case you were wondering. I apply a varnish over the illustrations to prevent them from fading.

Hello, xj is here to observe!

Sewing the fabric onto the zipper

measuring the length of fabric to cut. I hate this part the most because sometimes the illustrations come out crooked on the pouch because I did not measure correctly. :(

stamping "handmade by gewwybeans" with silkscreen ink. :>

Almost done!

Phew, all 19 pouches completed!


hand-stamping the packaging for the pouches

a customized pouch for Ruth from the US!

A handmade pouch for nad hatty's bday :>

Shall embark on another top sewing project!
Have an awesome week (2 more days to the weekend)!!!

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