Happy birthday xin xian :)

1:41 PM

my oldest (longest friendship I mean!) friend Xin Xian turned 23 on the 18th of April!!!

I really can't believe we are all turning 23.. i mean, secondary school was 10 years ago! My sister isn't even 21 yet. :/
I met xinxian in primary school and we were in the same secondary school class for 4 years. And I would think that we have both changed quite a lot. :) So anyway, I brought xinxian to Dan Ryan's at Tanglin Road. It's a really nice and cosy restaurant, with its dimmed lights, vintage english posters and overall comfortable ambience.

Here are some pictures to share! I do apologize for the bad tones and blurriness of some, because the restaurant was simply too dark to take any clear pictures. :<

Caesar salad! :)

Potato skins
(introduced by andrea who also was the one who brought me to dan ryan's)

The chicken and ribs combo set.
It comes with homemade coleslaw which was really yummy!

Their signature Molten cake. You must really try this if you were to go to Dan Ryan's. However, they actually forgot about the birthday candle when I secretly ordered it without xinxian knowing. :( It was kinda sad.. but oh well, when I checked the receipt I realised that the cake was free of charge because it was a birthday order. :)

It's warm and chocolaty on the inside.
It's a definite must try!

bday girl!

12 years of friendship :]

Less than a month to Aussie aus to see Ros! Yippee!

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