Happy Easter!

3:56 PM


Happy Happy EASTER! :D I hope you had an awesome day with lots of chocolate bunnies and easter eggies! I spent my day with homemade pancakes, had a long walk with the dog and j, and now I'm having a good me-time. :) Today I'll be updating gewwybeans with 2 new pouches so do stay tuned! I'm feeling a little lethargic though, probably cos of the horrendous weather in Singapore. :( Can't wait for the cold cold weather in Aus!

By the way, I have an awesome new addition to my room and I just wanted to share it with you!

I got it from ASOS.com (thanks to free worldwide shipping!) and it has been a tremendous help for the organizing of my accessories. I'm an incredibly messy person and now I don't have any more missing rings. :]
oh man, it's raining now.. makes the day more.. lethargic.. ha

I love how the words are twisted from the same wire.


Okay, I shall stop showing off my new accessories holder. But i'm just so pleased with it hehe!

Alright, I shall embrace the rain and scoot off to Chinatown to buy more fabrics and zippers. yawwwnnn. Have a great Sunday yup!

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