Over the weekend

5:43 PM


I had a pretty busy week.. with school starting and with work, plus sewing, friend's convocation. Plus, I started on a one week detox and that made me pretty lethargic and irritable, so I'm really glad this week is over soon! haha

here are some phone pics to share. :D

xj the boss got a haircuit :>


I'm going to Aus to see my lovely friend Ros! :D
Super exicited even though it's going to be a short one week.

My friend Xiang Yuan's silly doggie, Joey. :]

Jo and I went to Kichn (180 King Albert Court) because we have never been there. It's a really cool little place because they serve blended drinks in a different way ha. You can choose the ingredients for your blend like literally. For example, you can have an oreo and strawberry shake.

Unfortunately, it started to rain very heavily, and the cafe's pseudo alfresco place couldn't really accommodate us so we had to have our meals packed and move off to the chairs at the taxi waiting area. The words on the takeaway bag were pretty ironic haha.

chicken chop with pasta!

portobello mushroom with homemade noodles (instant noodles actually!).
It wasn't too bad, not the best but yummy enough. :]

ooh and guess what I bought at lil old bras basah!
Sweet valley twins books! I used to be such a kid and read sweet valley (i only liked the twins' series) in primary school. It's so sad that I can't find them anywhere anymore. :( But I was really happy to buy them ($2 each!) even though the shopkeeper kinda laughed at me, but still! It brought back good memories. :)

Alright, gotta head back to work (yup that's right I'm at Antipodean now, but there's no one right now :( ) and perhaps explore etsy hehe.

Have a great new week!!!

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