Project 101

12:39 AM

Yayy it's Friday!!!
I've had an incredibly busy week and I'm just super glad the weekend is here (even though I've got work on Sunday). Anyhow, I finally manged to sneak in some photos during one of my "handmaking" sessions. Not very detailed though because I realized I'm not a good multi-tasker. :/

The "materials".
I ended up not using the lining cloth because I didn't really know how to add it in hah. The top that I sewed was inspired by a limedrop top at the shop. My friend liked it a lot so i thought it looked easy enought to sew (but that was not true hah). I simply traced the shape of the top onto tissue paper and cut the fabric accordingly (which was not true yet again because I got lazy and did not cut the fabric well - it wasn't traced well too ha).

The "front" part haha

sewing the cut pieces together

sew sew sew..

sew sew sew!

I was quite happy when I hung it up because it looks good on the hanger (not so good when worn haha). I guess it wasn't too bad because it's at least wearable even though I would suggest wearing it at home or at the beach like ness suggested. So here it is, my first attempt to sew a top from scratch. :>

bad seams :[

The drawstring!

Hopefully I'll get to sew more things when I get less busy with work, school and gewwybeans. Xiaojia is not being very helpful these days, she has no cool ideas to share. and ooohh, I'm gonna put up new items soon! At Etsy and Cat Socrates so stay tuned :D

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