Rusty Haloooo

12:13 AM

The Script on the 12 of April was fantastic!

So the crowd was was horrendous, the queue was crazy, the muddy grounds were like quicksand, but they made it all worth it. :] Has been a while since I last went for a concert, and I used to be so crazy and wanted to go for every single concert even if I might not like the band/artist (arhem.. kanye west..). So.. maybe James Blunt in Canberra? :D
I don't know why but Rusty Halo keeps echoing in my head as I'm typing this, I mean.. it's actually my least favourite song of theirs. :/ But it was fun when they sang this at Fort Canning hahaha.

Here are some lousy pics to share.

His expressions were so utterly heartbreaking especially when he sang the super duper sang songs. It was like ....!!!! oh man, you would feel like giving him a pat on the back :(

A result of an open field and a whole afternoon of rain.
I almost lost my slippers.
Thanks to Jo who dug through the mud. :>

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