Aus day one! :D

11:37 AM

Hullo, thanks for dropping by haha, I've finally decided to blog about my 2nd trip to Australia!

15 may'11
australia day one! From Singapore, to Melboune, to canberra, then to Sydney! :D All in a day. (okay, my flight was overnight so it's not really considered a day haha)

took virgin airlines to canberra.
was an interesting experience heh

my first meal when I reached Australia. It wasn't very nice. :(

So, Tim and Ros picked me up from Canberra's airport, we ordered mackers, and started our journey to Sydney!

hi sydney!

we dropped by the fish market for lunch! :D


the weather in Sydney was nice!
about 18 deg and ros kindly demonstrated how un-cold the weather was. :D

orange chocolate cake from Lindt!

off to shopping at paddington street!
we passed by this hotel place on the way and I thought it looked really nice and cosy. Something that is not commonly seen in Singapore.

Rodeo Show!
ros and I really loved Rodeo show. It was too bad I was on a budget so no more clothes for me. :(

a tiny little shop with lots of little knick knacks. super nice. a pity it's closing soon. :(

it's a shopping haven for aussie labels!

lots of totoros for vanessie! :>

Then we went to Sydney's chinatown and tried these little puffs called emperor's puff. Haha, they are served hot, with warm custard oozing out when you bite into them. Perfect for the cold weather!

(sorry for the bad colour!)

tim&ros brought me to this little sushi place called sushi rio. Surprisingly affordable prices for sushi in the city! They had a special dish called.. something cheese baked rice with salmon or something like that haha. I thought it was really creative.. was pretty nice too. :]

Then, it was a long drive back to canberra.
was super funny when ros started telling me about how they closed the road to the highway back to ACT and they had to turn a huge big round just to get to an alternate exit. In the end when we reached the exit, it was closed! So, an extra 30 mins to get back then. And the roads in Australia are so super dark! Even worse than Msia's roads at night when it's pitch black. In Aus, it's pitch pitch pitch black. My eyes were glued to the roads the whole time! Also, it started to get cold as we neared Canberra and turning on the heater would mean fogging the windscreens so, we had to endure a temperature of less than 10 deg in the car the whole way back.

Was a good experience though hehe! Slept like a pig when I got back to Ros' room.

Alright, day two and three tomorrow! :>

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