Aus day two!

1:36 PM

Hullo! I'm back again haha to blog about my 2nd day in Aus. :D

16 May'11
I had a really short day on day two because I woke up really really late. In fact I didn't even notice Ros going off for her class in the morning hah.

Lovely aussie sky!

Ros' mom's handmade pineapple tarts all the way from Singapore. :)

yummy looking tarts which I forgot to try in the end :/

We had lunch at Cream, a rather modern looking cafe & bar just at the side of Canberra's Civic centre.

Pan Seared Scallops
set on a cauliflower puree with basil oil & micro herbs

Beef Burger
premium beef pattie, capsicum jam, roquette, caramelized onion & mustard aioli

both dishes were top notch! and I very obviously copied the descriptions from the website haha.

Nice hot chocolate to accompany our walk back to Ros' place

I wished Singapore had Autumn!

Decided to give Nando's a try even though we have it here in Singapore.

It wasn't too bad!
Comparable to Singapore's but eating spicy food in a cold weather is just different. :D

Dessert at Rubee's!
They serve homemade frozen custard with your choice of toppings from a wide range of selections. It's a bit like Mcflurry, just heathier and erm.. heartier in a way. (they are very generous with their toppings!)

shopping at woolworth's for asian food haha.
I spotted indomie going at about 1.50aud per pack. :]

Alright, here's dora saying bye for now!
day 3 coming up! :D

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