australia day 2 & 3 :D

2:24 PM

Hi I'm back haha. I can't believe it has been a week since my Aus trip to visit Ros (and xinyi)!
Anyway, as much as I detest Singapore's hot & humid weather, it is a bit of a relief to not lug a huge-ass jacket where-ever I go and to not worry about being cold.

ANYWAY, here are more pics to share! :D

17th of May :)

my trusty companion, kukumo.

I didn't do much on the third day, just walked around the civic centre and popped into shops like Forever New, Valley Girl, Sport girl, etc. Australia has got tons of Havianas, and they are much cheaper! But then again, given Australia's exchange rate, I'm better off buying them in Singapore. :]

Ros and I! With our huge steaks.
We ate at El Dorado's. If you happen to be in Canberra on a Tuesday, DO go there, because they have got steaks going at half price! Really good deal just that I felt a bit bad eating so much steak.

I love how they're not stingy with their salads!

After dinner, being the fatty girls we are (haha), we went to Tosolini's for authentic Tiramisu!
It was super soft and the bitter-sweetness that accompanied each bite was really heavenly. Mmmm wish I could have a piece right now.

Yet again being the fatty girls we are, we ended off the night with apple cider and chips while watching Aus's Masterchef. Speaking of which, I'm duper upset that I can't watch it here in Singapore. :(

16th May
(some pictures that I forgot to include in the previous entry!)

window shopping at Manuka (a suburb in Canberra)

Drove up the black mountains to the Testra Tower!

Was COLD :>

Yippee! :> Okay busy now blog again later!

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