Aus day 5! :D

1:15 PM


I'm feeling rather sick right now, and miserable and duper tired. :( I hope I didn't catch the flu or nausea bug ha that's circulating around right now. I'm also taking the time to blog since there's no one in the shop now! I've been wanting to finish up with my Aussie trip on this blog but it seems like I have just been taking forever and ever.

Anyway, here's a short one!

19th May :>

Lovely Ros and generous Tim (the perfect duo haha) brought me to The Flute. A cosy little bakery/cafe somewhere in the Suburbs.

Red Wine Beef Pie :]

After that, I think I died because I was too tired, and with all the food and all, I slept like a pig and missed out much of the day haha.

(Country Road was having a sale that day though, I remember!)

Guess who wore socks with pumps

Finally got to go to the lovely Handmade shop!
I'm really harboring thoughts of placing my pouches there because it's such a lovely LOVELY little store. :) The owner was very sweet too, it must be nice to be surrounded by so many pretty handmade stuff.


Fried potato!
Super duper sinful but worth the sacrifice haha.

Instant noodles from Taiwan!
I know right, what's with eating Asian food when you're in Australia.
It was the last time for me to be able to sit in Ros' room, watch MasterChef Australia, pig out and all..

Lovely Ros who kept the postcard I sent her!

Goodbye Ros' room :(

and then I was off to Melbourne.
Took an 8 hours bus ride! I thought I would never make it because frankly 8 hours in a plane is horrible enough for me but I surprisingly slept through the whole journey so it was like nothing at all. Hmm, good job Grace, you are growing up. Ha ha :/

Alright, off to print labels! Busy busy school, sewing, consignment week for me!


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