Australia day 4!

6:06 PM

18th May'11 :D

On wednesday, we woke up bright and early because Ros had to send Tim to work. :D
But was good for us because then we could start the day bright and early!

we visited the lovely Golden Creek. Yet another lovely suburb in Canberra.

Lovely weather!

had breakfast at Cafe Injoy. :>

Ros' Fish & Chips with loads of greens!

My second time ever, having Eggs Benedict.
It was a tad too sour for my liking but perhaps that was how an authentic Eggs Benedict should taste like?

Lovely fabric store just next to Injoy!

They had many homeware stores, I think very much catered to tourists like me?
But wonderful range of items to browse and coo over. :)

Adore tea sells all things related to tea!

Roasted green tea, perfect for an afternoon break. :)

The Style Emporium is an awesome awesome shop!

It has tons of cool knick knacks!
From handmade goodies to kids clothes, notebooks, cupcake molds, tapes, ... rarh! The list can go on and on. I think it's Ros' favourite shop at Golden Creek too haha.

I think Frankie is giving away Mae's raindrop wall stickers!

Then it was off for some second hand shopping :]

Vinnie's is quite an awesome place to dig through racks and racks of clothes and shelves of books, bags, etc.

And then it was food again!
Ros & Tim decided to bring me to their favourite Japanese place in Canberra. Iori is opened by a Japanese so you can expect nice wholesome and authentic Japanese food to be served. :D

ooh, I had the Chicken Lil'. Scrumptious meal that was.

Once again, we ended the night with Masterchef haha. I'm still harping on the fact that I can't even pay to watch it in Singapore sighhh.

Oh well. :/

Have a great week!

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  1. WOW! Those shops and tea look really nice. Looks like a fun trip! I would like to go there!

  2. Master chef austrialia is on SCV, under starworld,channel 501. So yes u can pay to watch it my dear

  3. Hi Missy! Thanks so much for the Smurfs gift :D
    And yeah, canberra is a really nice quiet place though a little boring. :D

    and thanks! I had no idea they were showing it on SCV!


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