Australia day 6!

8:49 PM

after almost a month, I'm finally back to blogging about my Australia trip.
Here's the link to the previous entries of my aus trip! :)

20th May

first meal in Melbourne,
breakfast at Qeleven, a cosy little cafe at Coventry Street.

Xinyi's recommendation.
The "Mexican Extravaganza" -  mushroom and cheese quesadilla, fried eggs, pumpkin and coriander roesti, roasted salsa, chipotle mayo.
haha, yeah, once again I very obviously copied the description from its website. It was a hearty hearty breakfast. :>
Then we started on our mini "roadtrip" to the suburbs.
First stop, Yarra Valley's dairy farm.

you can taste the many different kinds and multi-flavoured cheese they have.
Super freshly made!

yummy yummy ice cream. It was so yummy!
but still, the golden gay time ice cream wins hands-down haha (picture in next entry!)

we found this duper cute tree with yellow leaves and went a bit crazy snapping pictures.

the girl & the tree, as interpreted by xinyi.
such lovely, never-ending greens.
my reflection in Xinyi's sunnies!
boots & granny shoes

Love love love the autumn leaves

just so peaceful and quiet

went to punt road for some wine tasting :>

drove around the mountain

BEST sorbet I have ever tasted.
It's the moscato sorbet from Innocent Bystander.
Best moscato too, I brought home a bottle.
super soft and buttery chocolate croissant 
flour-less chocolate cake.
melts in your mouth.
Felt a little bloated at night and had a craving for soup, so xinyi brought me to this chinese restaurant (i don't remember where and what its name was!) for authentic chinese food.
I never liked drinking chinese soup, but trust me, having soup in a cold cold weather really makes a ton of a difference.
claypot rice. :)
lovely melbourne lights.

Then it was back to xinyi's humble abode. :)
The beautiful & peaceful pictures (yarra valley's credit, not mine), really makes me want to go somewhere calm and quiet, and just lie down in peace. mmmmmm....

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