The bravest little girl, princess dumbo

10:21 PM

Today is a solemn day because we lost a friend.
Princess is a stray dog 'adopted' by the factory next to my dad's at Tuas. Last year, her kidneys were found to be failing and being a non-housed dog, I guess it was really hard for her to recover. :( Still, she never ever let it affect her. The vet said that she was an extremely strong fighter and despite being severely ill, she could still stand up and walk around, determined to not become a burden to others. Her best friend is Ashton, who is like a sister to her. :) Princess wagged her tail and stood up in the vet's cage when Ashton came by to see her. As I'm typing this, I still feel really sad that I can no longer see her welcoming people at the factories, and waiting patiently outside for treats.. Still, it wasn't right to let her suffer anymore and worse still to die a slow painful death.

Sadness aside, here's to the bravest and strongest dog I have ever known. :)

meet princess dumbo :)
also known as girly and girl.
balancing her treat on her paw :D
looking at my dad

do you want the greenie bone?
oh yes i do!
showing off for ashton
'look! i can eat my treat like this!'

We brought dumbo back to Tuas for a final goodbye before bringing her back to the vet. :( There are many people who love and care about her! I don't know.. I honestly never knew that the people working in the factories near my dad's were capable of such love. I mean I guess they were all manly men, it's just heartwarming to know that they really do care about dumbo and they literally all came out to sorta say bye to her. Especially this kind hearted man called David, who isn't even from the factory that adopted Dumbo. He was really sad but knew that dumbo was suffering and that she deserved to go to a better place. 

Weak but still lovely and pretty

Best gal-pals forever. :)

We will never forget you Princess 

I really believe that all animals go to heaven and I know that dumbo is out there somewhere, being silly and lovely, playing with her siblings and enjoying her nibbles and treats. :)

We will never ever forget you dumbo!

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