exam period boo

10:16 AM

Sorry I've been missing this space for quite a few days. My exams are coming up and I just simply don't have the time for anything else :(
I do have some time for etsy surfing and eating haha. Retail therapy and a satisfied stomach helps aid the studying stress a bit.

Anyway, here are some random pictures to share!

 new print from Gemma Correll :D

 was a gift hehe.

Bought this handpainted illustration at Melbourne's street art market or something like that. It's new Brunswick if I'm not wrong! He has the cutest paintings! Here, check his website out! 

When I was younger (alright, when i was a kid haha), I used to read Sweet Valley Twins religously. I know, what was I thinking? Except I totally knew what I was thinking! I love love love the books. In fact, I'm trying to collect them now haha. But it's duper difficult because you can't find them anywhere. :( I had to go on ebay and buy some second hand castoffs off someone from Msia. But still, at least I have more than 5 books now yay!

Here's xj signing off,
hate exams!!

Have a great week :)

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