my first attempt at sewing a zippered pillow. :D

11:30 PM

so i'm back again. :]
I had a really really bad week, and in fact, had a bad day as well. So, I decided to finally sew my new dishtowel into a pillow in a bid to make myself feel better. Despite the hastiness and imperfect end product, I actually feel very much better. Perhaps it's the feeling of having accomplishing something (despite it being something not very significant ha) that made me feel better. It seems like the tension headache has faded a bit too!

Anyway, here are some photos to share.
My "pillowcase making process" hehe. :)

dishtowel that I bought from brookish.
Isn't the proposal just so duper romantic?
first, fold the towel, print facing inwards.
my pillowcase is about 14x13 inches, so i sewed the rough ends (at which the zipper would go) of each side of the towel.
after sewing, i flipped a small amount of cloth towards me and pinned it.
Then I sewed the flipped part down.
the flipped part is properly sewed "inwards"
I then add the zipper to the printed part of the towel.
I know my pictures & captions are super messy and perhaps rather unnecessary since I don't seem to be making much progress "explaining" my pillow making process.. but ANYWAY.. haha it's really pretty easy to make. Just google like "pillow case making" and you can very easily find perfect instructions to making one!

oh yeah,  i forgot that I flipped the towel outside in after sewing the folded part. This is how i pin the zipper onto the towel to ready it for sewing.
so as you can see, the "behind" part of the zipper has been attached to the towel. Now, unzip the zipper and pin the un-sewed side to the other part.

Okay, I think I'm really not making much sense huh.. shall I just stop captioning my pictures? :/
pinned and ready to be sewed!

both ends sewed, so now i snip off the excess zipper!
zipper sewed on haha
sew the sides
(i didn't bother to cut off the excess cloth cos i was far too lazy and wanted to get my pillow asap. anyway it's for meself so... hehe)

before sewing all 3 sides of the pillow, remember to leave a bit of unzipped allowance so you can flip the pillowcase out.
this is a hastily sewed (thus super distorted) pillow that I sewed prior to making the pillowcase.
yay! Can't believe it fits haha
I'm just hugging the pillow right now.
The fabric of the dishtowel is super soft, since it's a towel I guess, and I pre-washed it with fabric softener so it smells all lovely and nice. :>
Alright, thanks for listening to my rambles. I do hope I haven't confused you with all my lousy explanations, google is really the way to go!

Gonna go hug my pillow now, goodnight!

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