Not to be discouraged

11:29 PM

Hi there!
I just had the most discouraging day. :( First, a shop  (that I shall not name, but I'm so very tempted to)  dragged on a reply to me even though I tried emailing them a couple of times for 2 months and finally resorted to calling, which only resulted in more delay and unpleasantries. I know that they wouldn't care less since they decided to reject placing gewwybeans at their shop, but they could at least have had the courtesy to let me know and also return me the samples I placed with them. Argh, but I shall not let it get to me, will not and shall not! And I've been having really discouraging thoughts about gewwybeans so I'm trying really really hard to not let it get to me. Hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Moodiness aside, yesterday was Singapore's 46th birthday so HAPPY BELATED NATIONAL DAY SINGAPORE!!! 

Here are some photos that I wanted to share for quite some time. (i realized i have not completed my australia entries too!)

'customized' a pouch for Susan :)

apparently her little doggie resembles my illustration of Supi! So now, this is Charlie and not Supi. :D

After gifting two of this to friends, I finally got one for myself hur hur hur.
This is Stacey Swift's Brighter days will come again card. hmm, yeah, i shall tell myself that.

a newspaper comic cutout from Baby Blues! It's so endearing! And yup, I'm a big BIG fan of Baby Blues.
and on the right is my new displayed print from Nicole Wong, titled 'friends by the front door'. Her illustrations are really adorable, especially if you like cats and dogs. :)

Alright, I'd better get some rest because it's a long long day for me tomorrow. :(
Have a great week!

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  1. Hi Grace,

    Pls do not stop sewing, i love and always will love your cutie pictures of animals.

    Do not feel discourage ya. Am still waiting for your sticky notes to launch.... =)


  2. Hi Jac,

    You're too nice :) that made me feel tons better, I mean it!
    Anyway I sent in orders for sticky notes to be made. I'll update you when it arrives! (will give u a special discount too cos you suggested it hehe!)


  3. Don't you dare feel despair about GewweyBeans; it's a refreshing, uplifting and pretty place. I adore your artwork and your products are beautiful. I have shown my little pouch to many people who can all see why I fell in love with it.Hang in there Grace, times are hard for many people right now (myself included) but it WILL turnaround.

  4. Hi Grace,

    Yay!! Glad that you are feeling better! Keep it up!


  5. Thank you Rachael :) you always have the nicest words for gewwybeans. I'll perservere!


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