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10:13 PM

Hi there!
I'm really really tired right now because I had a late (but duper fun!) night out yesterday but I just wanted to update my blog a little. :D
If you've been following gewwybeans' facebook you would have noticed the new additions we have to the shop! Yup, our sticky notes have arrived! I thought rather long about it because the cost price isn't cheap and there's a risk of it not being able to sell. But still, when the box containing all the little notes arrived, I was duper happy. :) Here are some peeks!

you can find our sticky notes here!

I've also been 'stalking' this super cute etsy shop from Singapore for quite some time already! Cookie Cutter has the cutest little plushies! And totally original and one of a kind. I'm kind of pissed with myself for not buying this real funny and pretty owl pouch that she had. hmmm..
anyway, here are some of her items that I really like! 
Wolly! Love love LOVE his expression

Skunk! very very tempted to get this :x

baby pillow. :D

Aren't they all so adorable! Wished I had the talent to make plushies from scratch! Hmmm..
Alright, the atmosphere in the house now is a bit stiff because of the presidential election. Results are coming out soon I suppose. May the best man win!

Have a great Sunday!

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