week 3

12:45 AM

and now, we are moving on to the weekend of August's week 3. How time flies. Have been wanting to start painting more but it seems like there are just tons of insecurity-related themes pondering in my mind. So, waiting for the right happy thoughts first! :]

some happy pictures!

had a great catch up with the friends at House's Barracks Cafe.
This is a picture of one of their desserts! Forgot what it's called, but isn't it a delight to look at. :D

coordinated yellows & blues
(nope, it wasn't planned!)
adorable pocket mirror by Gemma Correll
lovingly stocked at Dulcetfig!
Have been eyeing them for the longest time. Now I finally can
 have a handy mirror to bring around. (Nope, phones do not work the same way.)

Took some pictures of the places that I consign my items at! 

cat socrates at bras basah!

Dulcetfig at Haji Lane!
(saw estee the cat that day, cutie cutie cat)

Our poorly taken National Day dinner.
Was a good day. :)

made a customized pouch for Vanessa :)
but unfortunately it was too small!

New item in the shop!
Sleeping pals :) Notice little chick napping on top of Molly the cat?

Yoshi & Taro!
They are actually both Ashton's doggies. Yoshi is the dopey little silly golden retriever and Taro is the extremely greedy but smart beagle. :) I have yet to meet them though, but have seen tons of pictures! But really get Ashton to bring them out someday. hehe

Both pouches are up on our etsy store! :)

Almost forgot to say this but gewwybeans is having a totebags clearance sale! All totes (except Moley & mr moustache) are going at $15 each. :) Here's the link to check them out. We are trying to clear our current totebags to make way for newer designs and styles!

I can't wait for my little sticky pads to arrive! When it does, I'll update our etsy shop straightaway! :) It will be nice to have something different other than totes and pouches huh. Have been thinking of making simple illustrated necklaces too! Will see how that goes.
Alright, have a great 3rd weekend!!

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