australia day 7!

12:47 PM

Hi there!
after more than a month, I'm back to blog about my last day in Melbourne. haha

21st May!

After dropping off my luggage at the Hotel Pensione (and saying goodbye to xinyi), ros and I set off for a city day trip! Here are some peeks :) I took a huge chunk of photos with just my phone, because sometimes it's just really easier to snap and go hehe.

I think we took a train and embarked on a shopping spree at Chapel Street!

It was quite a long walk I think!
I remember checking google maps from our phones. Once we reached, it was really shopping haven, which explains the lack of photos of Chapel Street. But of course, considering my tight budget I left many shops feeling disappointed because I stopped myself from buying.

as you can see, ros and I took a long long long walk :D

we walked past this little photo taking booth and tried it out!
let's just say it was really really old and we waited for almost 7 mins or so waiting for the photos to be developed haha.
Went to Prahran market! It's like a little market place, with stalls selling cheese, poultry, nuts, etc. A bit like Singapore's wet market but much much much cleaner. :D

stumbled across this lovely lovely stall! KinokoFry by Rebecca Clements. :) Her illustrated goodies are duper cute and funny.

Essential - the place for all your kitchen needs. very impressive, I wanted to buy everything but ended up buying nothing hah.

Ros and I were craving for some Chinese food so we dropped by Hu Tong. It's quite similar to Singapore's Crystal Jade. Was nice having Chinese food after the many fishnchips, steaks and fries hah.
Forgot what this was called but I think Crystal Jade has something like this! Dumplings in spicy sauce or something. :)
siew mai!

A very disappointing zha jiang mian. :(

Then we were off to Brunswick Street (BEST!!!)

we stopped for ice cream after our train ride. THIS, IS THE BEST ICE CREAM I HAVE EVER TRIED. I'm not kidding. I bought another one at night because it was my last night in Australia and this ice cream is not available anywhere else (maybe New Zealand but i mean it's not anywhere nearer). It's called Golden Gaytime because you'll totally have one hell of a good time when you're eating it. haha! It has this yummy toffee and vanilla ice cream, coated with crunchy honeycomb biscuits. Sighhhhh
yum yum yum yum

saw horseys along the street! You can pay to have a carriage ride. They were a little bit smelly though hehe.

Then we reached Brunswick!!

many many quirky cute shops plus a whole wide selection of vintage stores!

read about this fabric store in Frankie and popped in to have a look!
Douglas & Hope
Many cute things like illustrated totes, pillows, boxes and clothes. Here's Ros taking a peek. :D
vintage shop with loads and loads of shoes and clothes
Zetta Florence!
It's a really nice paper goods store. Tons of cute stationary, cards, paper, and boxes, ahhhhh! We wanted to buy everything too.

We wandered into this cosmetics shop that sells soaps, shampoos, perfumes, candles blah blah and saw this little cat! He works at the shop too. :> (please pardon my finger!)
another pic with less of my finger in it. :>

managed to catch a glimpse of the awesome Rose Street Market before it closed!

It's like a little mini etsy market haha
some ceramics for ros? :D
A pity it closed quite early, like 6 or something so we didn't get to spend much time browsing. Had some pretty good buys though!

The sky turns dark really fast in Australia, so, it was time for dinner again!

Had some Thai. Most of the Asian eateries there are opened by Asians so I guess the taste and quality doesn't differ much!

woof woof!
Lovely shop! I bought a dress (then saw a similar print of it at Haji Lane so I was a bit like hmm...), and saw pretty stuff by Sarah McNeil too!
hot green tea at a Dessert place
3 people shared this little macaroon :]

Desserts to end the day!
Here's our nice big bed at the Hotel Pensione

It's actually really tiny but the cleanliness and cosiness made up for it!

and then it was waking up crazy early at 5-ish to catch our respective buses. (mine to the airport and Ros' back to Canberra) :( I hate this part the most. I think I would really prefer not to take planes alone. Especially on budget airlines! But oh well, it wasn't toooo bad I guess, cos i slept. :(

Alright, and this concludes my 2nd trip to Australia. haha. Ros is coming back soon (albeit for awhile), so I think I'm good not going back to Aus for quite some time! Here are all my entries for my Australia trip in case you want to have a little peek. :) Okay, I'm glad I'm finally done with this! I wanted to blog about it so I can remember and reminiscence, so, yay, okay I'm done!
By the way, we finally have some new designs coming up! And new printed totes and all! So, stay tuned. :)

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