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Hi there,
how time flies, once again we're in the middle of a "new" month. I've been really busy (sometimes with what, I don't quite know) and I think, I think I've caught a permanent gastric flu bug. It's really weird, because recently I've been eating lots of greens and have started running again as well (snorts) so by right I should be feeling less sick more often, isn't it? I shall maybe go to the doctor's for a medical checkup. :(

here are some peeks behind gewwybeans' lens!

bun the bunny for miss yee cheng :>

tried making "to do lists". (which reminds me, I gotta go print more sticky notes!)
it didn't really work for me though. :/ but it'll definitely help me to organize my etsy orders! I always scribble things all over the place!
say hi to a newly born xiaojia.
she looks kinda grumpy doesn't she, without her full body of fur. :D
my new vintage clock! I really really love it! (yes, more than my totoro clock haha). It's duper quiet, I can't even really hear the second hand tick at all. Perfect for a light sleeper. :> 
got it from this shop on the second level at chinatown! (the place that sells all sorts of fabrics)  funny how i've probably walked passed like a million times and only noticed it then. Lots of little vintage boxes, clocks, telephones, etc. The old uncle is really cute too, he will definitely give a discount plus he tends to mumble on and on to himself (in a cute not freaky way!)

We also have 2 new pouch designs! :)
They can be found at both dulcetfig & cat socrates (etsy too!)

Meow and her little meowlings decided to go for a nice long walk. Say hi if you see them! They would love to have a good chat. :)
Bob finally got to meet his duper posh and fancy cousin, Nancy. When he met her, he finally realized what his mom meant by very very VERY distant relatives. 

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