our new bags! :D

11:31 PM

Hi there!

okay, this is the first non-tgif for me. I'm extremely tired and stressed up right now because I pretty much studied the whole day! And despite "prioritizing", I feel I didn't have a fruitful day. Oh well, at least I tried!! It's gonna be another long weekend for me. :(

So anyway, gonna make this fast but I really wanted to blog about this!
I finally, FINALLY uploaded and updated our totebags on etsy!!! :D (on a sidenote, when I refer to gewwybeans as 'our', it refers to xj the doggie and i!)
here are some peeks! They are made up of a 100% sturdy cotton canvas fabric, with gussets! So, much much bigger and sturdier than our previous calico totes. :)

first time as a totebag! :D

you can check them out here!
many thanks to my sister, Christine, who posed patiently for me. (even though she pushed me roughly back into the house when our neighbours walked towards us mid-phototaking haha)

OH! and I wanted to show off this :D
check this out! hehe I finally created an excel sheet to note down all my gewwybeans expenses so I can keep track properly once and for all!
and... :D if you happened to read the New Paper yesterday, 27th Oct, you might have seen this!

our first 'press' article!
(can't stress this enough but MANY MANY THANKS to Grace Chew for the article and Jun Liang for the pictures!)

still feeling really surreal about this. :D we (gewwybeans, which refers to xj and I haha) will also be featured in the Recruit section of the Sunday Times this well, Sunday! so yay! :) Will do a quick update on that when it comes out and blog about the "behind the scenes" hahaha. I really have nothing better to do huh!

ohh!! and before I forget, we will most probably be stocking our items at a new place next month! update soon. :>!

Alright, time to rest now!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

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