11.11.11 - our first MAAD flea! :D

10:45 PM

really love the suitcase! and the lamp!

So, we had our first MAAD experience on Friday the 11th! :D It was awesome! I dare-say it was the best "flea" gewwybeans had. :) There were many lovely handmade independent stalls (support local & handmade!), which kinda made it feel like we were in a handmade market, akin to Melbourne's Rose Street Artist Market (sigghhh, loveee) just a little darker, colder and modern haHA. A pity xiaojia couldn't come.. I mean it would have been realllyyy troublesome since she's a dog, but still, she would have been a good gewwybeans promoter as compared to me. :D
here are some peeks! Courtesy of Jo! :>

little booth :)
xj in the middle

our illustrated necklaces show themselves for the very first time!

makeshift 'storeroom'. :> i made about 2-3 bags for each design and it almost killed me! because I didn't plan my time well AGAIN. :( But still, glad I sewed them all haha..

my two lovelies who stayed all the way for me, wayy past 12AM! <3
Roszaimy & Naddd who came to support! :D 
too short for the booth haha
gallery 2! heineken booth right at the back heh
live sketching! :)
red dot museum is a cool place indeeeeed
moustache neatly trimmed for the day
hehe! Before I forget, a big BIG BIG THANK YOU to all who dropped by our booth and an even bigger THANK YOU to those who bought a little gewwy item!

Have a great new week! :)

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  1. awww i saw your booth! and i was fawning over the adorable illustrations, how nice to know that you really have a dog as well! ♥ Yes, support handmade local!! :D

  2. MAAD is the only market in Singapore that promote handmade products. There are plenty of flea marts and so I am glad MAAD is not a flea.

  3. Thanks Jocelyn! thanks for dropping by our booth!! my dog says hi! :D

    and Hi anonymous! yes, I'm very glad that MAAD is not a flea too. cheers! btw you should check out public market and certain indie handmade markets in singapore, they support handmade and independent products too. :)


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