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a happy selamat hari raya haji! (i hope i spelt all of that right ha)
so!! before I get started, I just wanted to let everyone know that we have a new stocklist!
It's this really cool place at Millennia Walk called Circa that features many local emerging designers and brands. Dropped off some pouches, cards, sticky notes and tote-bags (first time at a physical shop!) so do drop by and say a little hi when you're in the vicinity! :)

If you're been following us, you would know that just last week we had our first press feature(s)! :D
Grace Chew from sph decided to do a little "career" feature on gewwybeans and we were really excited about it!

Sunday Times
30th oct'11 :)
The New Paper
27 Oct'11 :>

 Many thanks to Grace for the lovely article and Jun Liang for the pictures! They were both duper nice and friendly, which made our first "press" experience a really fun one!

Okay, to spice things up around here (haha), we have some "behind the scenes" pictures to share!

It still feels pretty surreal thinking about the whole thing!
A big thank you to everybody who checked our little shop out and especially those who supported us with purchases! :)

We'll be having a small hiatus for tote-bags and pouches due to the exam period. :( But guess what! We'll be having our first MAAD flea at the Red Dot Museum so do drop by because we'll be selling lots of pouches, tote-bags, paper goodies and ACCESSORIES(illustrated resin necklaces & rings)! I will be selling them at MAAD first before anywhere else so do drop by!

Oh! and do check out our new christmas cards here yay!

hehe, roff! roff! roff! (ho ho ho!) is courtesy of my talented friend vanessie :>

Okay, back to studying, have a great Sunday!!!

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