sneak peeks for our first MAAD flea!

3:28 PM

hullo! Before I bury myself into the books for the upcoming examinations (typed with intended sarcasm), I just wanted to do a quick shout-out about our art flea tomorrow! :)

I'm quite excited myself because I've never been to a MAAD event before, and I heard it's always quite vibrant! I'm still a bit stressed now though because I'm not prepared yet!! Sigh, it is really quite hard to balance 'work' with school. :(

ANYHOW, I promise (i hope!) a booth filled with tons of handmade gewwybeans goooodies. :D Stuff that you can't find anywhere yet! Yep, not even on our etsy site! Also, in conjunction with the "11.11.11 MAAD promotion", the first 11 to purchase our handmade pouches will be able to get them at only $11 each! (up $13.50). :)

here are a few sneak peeks of what you can expect to find at our booth! taken via instagram with my new second-hand 3GS iphone. :( 

4 designs of sticky notes!
handmade postcards :)
christmas cards! :>
our new 'namecard' haha
illustrated necklaces, resin filled.
THIS, has caused me a lot a lot of trouble and pain, and till now, it's still not a 100% perfect, so I'll most probably sell them off as 'sample' pieces, meaning they'll be 'sample priced" too! 
handmade illustrated pouches! :>
and of course, we have totebags too, I forgot to take pictures of them haha. But yeah, do drop by our booth! :D

see ya tomorrow!

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