why hello dragons

1:52 PM

some peeks to liven up the gewwy blog :]

a big BIG happy CNY to all! It feels like just yesterday, when we bided goodbye to 2011, and now it's almost February. The next thing we know, it'll be christmas again! yay! I love Christmas. :>
I don't know if I should feel extra special because this is supposed to be "my" year, having being born in the year of the Dragon and all. So far, I feel ... okay. I guess no one gives a hoot about this, haha!

I've been so slow and lazy lately, it's really time to come out with something new for gewwybeans! We might be having another arty market booth next month (Maad was quite a disappointment, but still a good experience nonetheless!), and I promise promise PROMISE to come up with new goodies!

Back to a bad headache and tired eyes now. :(

Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Happy New Year Dragon! I think this will be YOUR year; a very excellent year for Gewwy Beans too.

  2. Love seeing my Tofu Baby Cawendar in your pics! Happy New Year for sure!


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