no pouches & totes for the lil month of March

2:21 PM

oh hello :]
At times like these when I'm initiating an attempt to do a blog post, it's really because I have a lot of things I need to do, but don't want to do, not right now anyway. Okay who am I kidding, I will never want to do it. Talking about a method called forced studying. Yep, I really need to head back to the books/papers/lousy notes. 

Sorry for the lack of updates at gewwybeans! We (xj and I) just have been way too busy with work/school/birthdays. Right now, I'll try my best to restock as much as I can at the consignment places (cat socrates & dulcetfig). Easter bunny pouches coming real soon! Oh! we have a new partial consignment stockist now at Don't worry, the talented Winnie didn't do anything frowned upon of that sort, and hey, it caught your attention didn't it? :>

I was just revisiting an old blog of mine when I stumbled across this illustration I created using paint. Hahaha, it was because I bought white dr marten's off ebay and was feeling rather fashionable and proud of my new boots. Hmmmm.. where is it now?

blogpost attempt accomplished!
Have a great great week! :)

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