yet another little update

12:42 PM

Hullo hullo,

it's really amazing how time flies so duper quickly! We're almost, almost nearing the end of April. (WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO??) I'm feeling a little guilty too, because I haven't been coming up with new ideas/designs for gewwybeans lately.. apart from the Easter designs. But that's just a reuse from last year's. However, I'm quite excited about this new batch of new illustrations for Noah's Ark CARES. I'll be making pouches and cards with the illustrations and selling them at the upcoming dog travaganza at west coast park on the 28th! 100% of the sales the will go to Noah's Ark! :) xj and I are quite excited!!

doggies galore!

sneak peek at our illustrations for Noah's Ark :)

Finally silkscreened 'distant relatives' onto totebags
They can be found at Dulcetfig for now!

Alright, back to school/work! We'll be coming up with new cards soon, so stay tuned! haha
Have a great week!

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