bday musings...

10:35 AM

Just some random thoughts.. about turning ... 25. It's not that scary after all, being one quarter of a century old. I still feel young, heh. Last birthday saw me emotionally drained, battered, hurt and the worst thing, with fear gnawing at me constantly. But it was also highly significant because I found God again and that is the best best best present I can ever get. :) Looking back, I can really see how much God has revealed to me, how He brought me through all the obstacles, moulding me into a better person. I can say with much conviction that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" I'm truly excited about the future! I used to be a duper negative, insecure and self-bashing person.. but I've grown to accept who I am and appreciate all that God has given me, like for one, my amazing amazing family. There are still areas for me to grow and mountains for me to climb, but the difference now is that I have this peace that surpasses all understanding that I know can only be from God. 
And of course, the amazing friendships forged in this past one year... I really cannot ask for more. Really excited to build God's house together with them! 

I shall be a happy grace! :D

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